Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lots of Planning

With my recent change in direction I've spent a considerable amount of time adjusting my training plan, looking at races and reading about the sport. And with the new direction comes a new look for the blog too.

Today Tony, Jose and I will head out about 9am for a hilly 45/50 mile ride. We'll hit up the 7 hills of Hermann, over the New Haven to the river bottom then climb back up through Berger back home. Should be a good ride, temps are perfect, sun is out and wind is calm! Could not ask for a better day. I was going to race the Forest Park Crit today but felt a good training ride would be better, plus I have some yard work I want to attend to.

This past week I increased my running. Did a 10 mile run on Tuesday (TT was rained out) and 6 mile run Friday. I plan to do a half marathon in July (13.1 miles) so I'll start 13 to 14 miles runs between now and then. I'll get one more run in this week, Dawndi and I head out here in a few for a run in town before my ride at 9.

Later in May the swimming starts. I'll take it slow and build up from there. I don't think I've actually been "swimming" in over 10 years... should be interesting. My first Tirathlon will be June 23rd in Innsbrook, MO.

500 meter swim -18 mile bike - 3 mile run

Nice thing about these Octo, Quater and Half Max events is that it gives you an opportunity to build up. My goal is to do a Half Max event in the future, but I'll stay focused on the Octo distance for now.


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