Sunday, April 08, 2007

Good Sunday

Got the day started with a nice Easter service at our local church.

Next up Dawndi and I went for a run on the Katy Trail for about an hour

Home for lunch and off I went to meet up with Glen and others in Washington to get a look at the course for the May 6th Washington Crit. Kurt, Volo Force racer and race promoter was there too and gave us a personal tour.

There are 300 feet of vertical climbing each lap
Steepest grade 9%
Average grade 3%

Getting on the course at Oak St.

Up Oak St.

Out near the park

One of many climbs near the park.

Back in town just before 5th st.

After the tour from Kurt Glen and his crew took to the flats and I headed off for more laps. After three laps I came across two new riders, John and Chris. They drove in to check out the course too. We did a few laps then headed east on Old Hwy 100 out to Hwy 44. This was a new route that I had not been on before, nice roads... traffic was low and polite with wide roads and plenty of room for everyone.


  1. Dude - looks like a really good course.

  2. hope you're doing well!

    i liked your comment that "there's plenty of room for everyone". wish more people thought that way.

    ride safe.

    peace out, yo!