Thursday, March 08, 2007

Clocks back/ Hermann TT Starts

I don't know about where you work but the daylight saving time being 3 weeks early has caused havoc on the IT group. Lots of automatic systems have needed to be updated.

So remember, set those clocks forward this weekend.... spring is just about here!

Tuesday the 13th will be the first Herman TT. Made several fliers a few weeks back for the two fitness centers and bike shop to display/ advertise. Through the grapevine I hear we may get a few folks to join our little Tuesday night gathering. The weather right now looks to be sunny and almost 70 degrees!

Spent a good portion of yesterdays workout practicing the transition from run to bike and run to bike. Took me about 30 seconds. I think that little bit of practice will help a bit for Saturdays race. Looks like a bit of rain on Friday, but it should not impact the race much, then good weather for the day Saturday. I'll try and get some photos and info up Saturday night about the race.


  1. Jeff - Good luck in the du. I hope to see some pictures and a report. We are heading down to Conn's race this morning an our Roller event is tomorrow. Ought to have something on the blog. I think some of us are looking at some State Championship medals - we'll see.