Thursday, February 01, 2007

Get out and walk

This winter I'm trying to mix things up more. Run on the treadmill, time on the rollers and mix in a good walk here and there. Today was one of those days where the workout plan called for low intensity; so why not a good walk in the fresh snow that fell last night?

The lake near at my house has frozen and thawed one already, now it's frozen again.


  1. Most definitely, well of course unless the temps. are 0 degrees with a windchill of -20 like this week!

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Nice picture. Taken from your deck? I was going to race Conn's gravel tomorrow, but I don't know....
    If it isn't big snow stroms, the flu, it is -20 temp. I've missed out on some fun winter racing.

  3. walks are good, jeff. heck, you might even get to see adamson sitting on a lawn chair in his garage in his boxers and a tee reading the newspaper when it's 20 below.....

    peace out, yo!

  4. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I'm staying home - no matter what Mike Johnson says. Actual temps for tomorrow are supposed to get down to -20 - Paul's looking for his wool line boxers.
    Today was the final race in Conn's gravel series. But they have some scheduled in the Des Moines are this winter.
    Go Vikings

  5. Now that is cold... ouch!

    Go Colts