Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Phase 1 in the books

I have just entered that ever important "Rest Week".... I always hate this part of training but I know it has to be done. I'd rather climb hills all day or push the HR to max then complete active recovery rides for most of the week. O' well, train hard, rest even harder, right?
With all the hills our here in Hermann I would really like to know how much climbing I do and what percent grade the hills are after a training ride. So I have been hunting around for a piece of technology that will provide me that info. I think I found what I'm looking for in the VDO MC 1.0, even tells you the temperature.

So I'm moments away for making my order but thought I would throw it out here before I do incase someone has any negative feedback about this one.


  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I wish I new something about it. I'm waiting for some comments too.
    The guys have stated roller racing - Kat and Craig E both went to Des Moines. I just continue to suffer by myself in the basement. Poor me. But, you know I kinda like it

  2. Nice! I could use some of those features myself, especially the hill gradient one.

    Thanks for the tip JY.Hmmm...I wonder is there are any reviews on www.roadbikereview.com?