Sunday, January 07, 2007

Training With the Team

Met up with Denny, Rich, and Tommy from the team in Chesterfield today for a nice 45 mile training ride on some awesome roads. Fella named Mike from the Ghisallo Team also joined us.

New toy helped me get there on time.

Mike and Rich before the start...

Tommy and Denny too....

Let's Go!

The roads we traveled today were just awesome. Great pavement, nice elevation and traffic friendly. Can't go wrong with share the road signs along the way.

Denny bring up the rear, he had 20 miles in his legs before we even got started.

Tommy on the attack before the we hit the hills near Greensfelder.

Me, jut being me...

How many bike racers does it take to fix a flat tire?

How about that that road?

Great ride today by everyone.


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Hey - Jeff's got some friends. I new it wouldn't take long. I'll bet they'll be having a Twilight Crit in downtown Herman this summer, if Jeff has anything to say about it.
    If he talks - listen.

  2. wow! great roads!

    it always takes 4 to fix a flat properly.....

    peace out, yo!

  3. Yea, those look like a blast!