Friday, June 29, 2012

Rest = Test

I've been lucky over the past few years in that each year is better than the last. One of these days it will start to go the other way as age gets in the way, but for now it's all roses and sunshine.

After the Big Rest is time for the Big Tests. Today was a 5 min test. I like looking at a season long mean maximum graph set up to show best watts per Kilogram. The dotted line is this year, solid yellow last year. It’s a great way gauge progress as it relates to getting better or not.

Today the 5 min test showed I'm in a good spot. Better than where I was last year at this time. My 5 min W/KG is the exact same as last year but last year I hit that number in October.

Next up a threshold test.

Watts per KG
 72 day til cross starts

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