Saturday, December 31, 2011

CX Season Comes to an End today

That's it, called it an end to the season today for a few reason, mainly due to another round of sickness that I caught over the Christmas holiday. It's going to take a few days to get over this which will impact training and performance for Worlds that is less than two weeks away.

I know many will say "just get well and go have fun at Worlds". I could do that but that's not how I roll. I'm not going to invest in travel, days off work, hotel costs  for just a ride around the park, so I've done what is best for me and called the season done. I need to get rested up then begin training for next year.

2011 has been an awesome season, best one so far. Results were better than expected and the fun factor was off the charts. When you start training as early as I do it does apparently takes its toll on the body and I can only take it so far.

This I will learn from for 2012 which will include calling the season over after State and adding the Madison USGP event to replace Worlds. Really, a trip to Madison in September will be much more enjoyable then a trip to Louisville in Jan. And Dawndi will enjoy it more too.
The next few days I will rest up, clean bikes and get ready for winter training.

2011 CX Results.

Date Race Category Result
12/18/2011 Columbia IL CX Men 123 5th
12/11/2011 Bubba CX 11 Men 123 3rd
12/4/2011 Mo State CX Men 123 dnf
12/3/2011 Boss CX 4 Men 123 5th
11/27/2011 Bubba CX 10 Men 123 2
11/13/2011 USGP Derby Cup 35+ 18
11/12/2011 USGP Derby Cup 35+ 30
11/6/2011 BLVD Cup 40+ 1
11/5/2011 360 Cup 40+ 1
10/30/2011 Boss CX 3 40+ 2
10/23/2011 Bubba CX 3 Men 123 17
10/16/2011 Bubba CX 2 Men 123 5
10/9/2011 Cross Out Cancer Men 123 6
10/2/2011 Boss Cross 2 40+ 2
10/1/2011 Boss Cross 1 40+ 2
9/25/2011 PICX Race 2 40+ 1
9/21/2011 Gateway Cross 40+ 1
9/21/2011 Gateway Cross Mens Open 8
9/18/2011 Dogfish cross day 2 40+ 1
9/17/2011 Dogfish Cross day 1 40+ 1
9/11/2011 PICX Race 1 40+ 1


  1. Right on Jeff. That's a bummer but sounds positive. I'm glad to have raced with you this year and look forward to logging some miles this winter with you!

    You're a cornerstone of Missouri-CX, thank you for your passion and support for this activity!

  2. Thanks Dan, will be rooting for you next week at Nationals, good luck!

  3. Very solid season, my man!

  4. +1 on what Dan said. The CX season has been pretty taxing with all the races this year.

  5. Great training and racing this season. Been fun to follow. I wish you were still a cornerstone of our racing scene in Iowa.
    I know about cutting your loses and ending the season - I'm having some issues about Nationals. The Doctor said the broken bone in my hand has healed and I can bang around on the X bike all I can stand - at this point, I can hardly stand the pain. Maybe it is time to hang up the bikes and go to Madtown to support my teammates and watch the big boys...

  6. Congrats on a great season Jeff. Next year I hope I can have 1/2 the season that you have had.

  7. Thanks for all the support - countdown to 2012 CX has begun.

    Good luck to all of you racing in Madison and Louisville.