Monday, August 29, 2011

Tall Oak 6 hour race report

What a turn out yesterday! Must have been the awesome weather and great event that Nick and his Team Redwheel folks put on.

Mark Gullet and I again teamed up, coming off a 2nd place last year we were again looking to have a good race. Should have been third really with Chris and Tom having a mechanical.

But this was a new year and a new race, and a new race it was.

The super fast team to beat was Travis Donn and Garrett Steinmetz from Ethos, veteran fast dudes Chris Ploch and Tom Albert were there, Cannon Ball/ Hub showed up with Rock and fast roadie Devin Clark, another solid Ethos team of JP and Jesse, Dogfish brought endurance strong man Andy Gibbs with Andrew Moorman and last but not least a strong Team Redwheel duo of Corey Case and Bryce Hylton rounded out a solid 6 fast teams. Total due team count was 31!

  • Lap 1: Mark leads us off with a lap time of 35:48 good for 6th place. Teams are bunched together at this point separeated by less than a min.

  • Lap 2: I circle the 7 mile course in 35:03 puling back one spot, we are now in 5th.

  • Lap 3: Mark @ 33:31 back in 6th as JP and Jesse take over 5th and Correy and Bryce are in 4th not that far away.

  • Lap 4: Me @ 34:43, Corey from RedWheel and I go out almost at the same time, I catch him and soon after Jesse. Jesse and I would stay together for almost this entire lap pushing each other to what was my fasted lap. I attacked him on the last open grassy area putting us in 4th ready for Mark to take over.

  • Lap 5: Mark @34:20 - great lap for Mark as it was needed, JP/Jesse and Corey/Bryce were only 1 to 2 min back. Third place was getting out of reach almost 5 min up the trail.

  • Lap 6: Me @ 37:25, JP/ Jesse just 2 min back and Corey/Bryce had a tire issue causing a 41 min lap.

  • Lap 7: Mark @ 35:07 - holding 4th place

  • Lap 8: Me @ 38:59 - not a good lap, slowest of the day

  • Lap 9: Mark @ 36:15 - still holding 4th

  • Lap 10: Me @ 37:21 - motivated to push it as we were now getting close to the 6 hour cut off and Mark wanted another lap. Came in 1.5 min before cutoff, Mark goes out for lap 11. It was a good thing too, Dogfish team Andy/Andrew were coming on strong now just 40 seconds back.

  • Lap 11: Mark @ 39:15 holding on to our 4th place spot for the day. I think the last lap might be a bit off for Mark, I don't think it was that high.

  1. Travis/ Garrett 6:09:29

  2. Tom/Chris 6:19:42

  3. Devin/ Rock 6:22:33

  4. Mark/Jeff 6:37:47

  5. Andy/Andrew 6:39:28

  6. JP/Jesse 6:01:23 (10 laps)

  7. Bryce/Cory 6:02:20 (10 laps)

Full results

Another solid effort by Revolution Cycles against some really good compitition. This race keeps getting tougher and togher.

Top 5 Podium

Out on the trail. Wife of Matt from Team RW was all over the place taking shots.

Two Tall Oak Bells on the wall now!

Looking back at the power numbers from this year vs last.

What it tells me is that I've have better control over power, last year you can see a higher 1 sec to 5 sec peak but it drops off fast, this year the line is straighter for 40 sec. Then from 5 to almost two min the power is better.

After that the number are about the same. Overall happy with the power results.

Mountain bike now cleaned, lubed and in the basement until gravel rides start up again. It's all cross races from here to Jan, about 22 races in all.

11 days till cross starts!


  1. My last lap was 39+, I started so close to the cutoff I just cruised and enjoyed the ride. If I had known Gibbs/Moorman were out there I would have pushed it. Luckily they didn't tear it up on lap 11 like they had the previous couple laps. Maybe it was fatigue from catching up or a joy ride lap like I was having. It was a fun day.

  2. Good to see you tearin it up out there - nothing like a little dirt!

  3. Nice race guys! Thanks for pushing me on that 2nd lap! Looking forward to next year. See ya at the cross races.