Monday, November 01, 2010

Bubba 4 and 5 race report

Weekend of racing was awesome. Both days the course was spot on.

The last two weekends there have been some challenges beyond the control of course designers that have resulted in, lets just say, not the best of courses of all time. But Sat night and Sunday made up for all that and it seems we are back on track.

Saturday night Jay and I coming to the line sprinting for 4th. He got me by about half a bike. I crossed the line in 5th.

Sunday crossed the line again in 5th.

Good video here at 1:46 of Jay, Dan and I. (double click to make it bigger)

Both days were filled with good hard efforts, some lessons learned and experienced gained. Being in the top 5 of the A race there is not much room from indecision or mistakes. Things change quick and you have to be ready to respond. I have a few things to dial in when it comes to this.

Overall pleased with the races and how the legs feel. We are now at the half way point in the Bubba Series and I sit 5th overall in the Bubba Cup. It's a tight race at about 6th place and above, anything can happen over the next 5 races.

Next up Bubba #6 at Queeny Park. Traditionally this has been a great venue.


  1. Jeff - good racing. Very nice video.
    What were 'some challenges beyond the control of course designers'? It sure can be a crap shoot when building a course ...

  2. Queeny is gonna be... hilly. See ya Sunday.