Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tall Oak 2 man 6 hour MTB Race

Mark and I made plans at the beginning of the year to team up for this event after he joined the team. He as been riding well all year long and I'm was feeling good coming into the cross season, out chances of a podium spot look good.
19 two man teams were on the list. Most notable was last year winners Chris and Tom, Ethos team Travis and Garrett on their single speeds, Doug and his teammate from 360 racing to name a few.
Things got started at high noon with a long neutral start followed by a sprint to the hole shot. Mark took the first lap heading into the woods in 6th spot.
Lap times were 31 to 37 min long. Fist to arrive was Travis with a huge lead over Chris followed by Mark. Travis and Garrett would continue to open up a large lead over the next 6 hours. They just dominated that trail.
Mark and I traded laps so I was up next and held on to our third place spot with 4th about 1.5 minutes behind and 2nd about 2 min ahead.
At the 3 hour mark Chris had broke a derailleur and had to cut the course to get back so this put them down a lap and out of contention. This moved us up to 2nd and the game was to hold on to this til 6pm.
We did and took home 2nd place. Both of us had a great day, rode well, consistent and had zero issues. Could not have asked for a better day to race! We ended up doing 11 laps, Mark did 6, I did 5.
Big thanks to Nick, Jessica and the rest of Team Red Wheel for hosting another awesome 6 hour!
Lap times and power info
Power distribution for the day
Bars are in order from left to right: Active Recovery, Endurance, Temp, Threshold, VO2, and Anaerobic Capacity. 39 min or 16% of my day was in an anaerobic capacity state.

Pride Cross starts in 6 days!


  1. Good racing - last mt bike race of the year?
    Got the X bikes all ready to go - any changes in your gear for this season?
    Off to Colesburg for 42 miles of hard gravel tomorrow.

  2. Great job with 2nd. Those are hard races.

  3. Thanks!

    John, hope your gravel went well. Yes, last MTB race for the year, x bikes ready for the start of the season on Saturday with a few changes to gear.