Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What rest looks like

Six full days off the bike is now over. Was not that bad really, stayed busy with bike race promotion related stuff, glued on the CX tires, organized all my cross stuff for the upcoming season...... that sort of thing.

What does six days off the bike do to the numbers?

Red line is fatigue: Way up before rest as I went on some long rides three days in a row right before the break. Took it up to its highest point (most fatigued) for the year to a 105 TSS. Big drop over six days to 35 TSS as of today.

Blue line is fitness: Just before the break it hit a high point (most fit) of the year, 80.4 TSB then dropped to a 67.3 TSB over the last six days. This to me does not mean the low fitness number will translate into the same fitness level I had in May when I was building it to reached 67, I still have the 80.4 I built over the season.

Gray bar is form: +32TSB as of today. Even though this says I have great form I think it will take a week a few days to get things balanced out. I don't think if I did a power test today I would see my best numbers. It may take a few days to get the legs to respond normally as they wake up from hibernation. The plan is to sue the Hermann TT this weekend as a potential power test to gauge where I'm at.

Overall feel rested, numbers say I'm rested so it's time to move forward as cross skills and high intensity specific cross workouts officially get into high swing. Man this is fun! 31 days til cross

Adam mills has some additional benefits of rest info on his blog, check it out.

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