Friday, July 30, 2010

Dirt Crit 5

What a fast and fun race to be had last night. The web is a buzz about how many showed up: 50 in the A race, 89 in the B race, I have no clue on the C race but I'm sure it was huge. When I left the park there were cars lined up and down the road, I think it's possible this event may exceed the parks capacity one day.

The start was very cool with a long sprint to a u-turn then another sprint to the trail. I was about 12th or so into the trail as we snaked our way through the tapped section to the creek crossing by the road. As we hit the right hand turn into the single track Merli Jr. biffs it and clogs the hole for a moment creating a gap between us and those up the trail.

As far as I could tell Plock and Mathews, possible McCarthy are off the front then the chase group of Tom, Bob, Zdenek, Zack, Paul, Jay and more?.

Scott O and I get away first and eventually catch the chase group. I move up in this group behind Tom and Bob who are 1st and 2nd wheel. They played a game of slow down speed up for a few laps, I assume due to teammate Chris being up the trail, so I would pull to the front trying keep the pace up to minimize additional riders catching back on.

It was hard to tell who was still in the group, who had dropped and who had made up group to join is. With 4 or so laps to go I was leading into the start finish area hearing a spectator say third was just up the trail.

With one lap to go the group looked like this.
Gino, Tom, Me, Scott, Zack and more...

Photo stolen from Retro Skin Suite Man

We get to the straight root section before the creek, Tom pulls around Greg, I follow and we are now 1st and 2nd wheel. We hit the left turn that leads to the creek, Tom begins to slide out then over the bars he goes into the creek (hope you are OK). He was nice enough to fall to the left so I could keep a straight line through the creek.

At this point I peg it as hard through the creek on to the final leg to the finish line. Surprised, I see McCarthy just ahead, I pass but he ends up passing me back as I took a turn to wide just before the final straight section to the finish. He held this position as we flew through the finish.

If the spectator information was good, that puts me in 4th on the night. But will have to wait for Ralph and his crew to post official results. They have their work cut out from them for sure.

So the legs felt good but did the power numbers match?. You bet, best numbers I've had during this 5 race series.

Yellow line Dirt Crit 1
Dotted Line Dirt Crit 5

Power Analysis
Conditions: Perfect
Placing: 4th?
Weight 137 lbs
Avg Speed: 17. 4
Distance: 10.14 miles
Average Watts: 247w
Normalized Power: 259w
Max Power: 830w
Mean Max 5-secs: 766w
Mean Max 10-secs: 689w
Mean Max 20-secs: 505w
Mean Max 30-sec: 492w
Mean Max 1-mins: 329w
Mean Max 2-mins: 308w
Mean Max 5-mins: 270w
Mean Max 10-min: 258w
Mean Max 20-mins: 251w
Mean Max 30-mins: 346w
Kilojoules: 517kj
TSS: 53.7
IF: 0.959

Race to race comparison. Click to make larger.

49 days till cross!


  1. Good racing, Jeff - got that form going for the X season?

  2. Thanks John. Still have areas to work on before cx starts, but can't wait to get it started.

  3. Riding strong, Jeff. Something tells me I wont see to much of you during our races this year. Kind of like last year.