Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trip to the Wood

Soon the MO State MTB Championships will be here, actually just two weeks away. This year the race will wind it's way around Castlewood State Park, a place I've only been to a very few times and when there focused on the July Dirt Crits.

So today I took advantage of dry trails and sunny skies to pre-ride the course.

I really liked the North side of the park used for the race. Boy that was a good time. I can see those that ride this trail alot are going to be flying. The South side was OK with a good climb but the River Scene decent is just nasty. No big deal, just need to take it slow at the end.

New tool added to the MTB. Now every pedal stoke is measured.

True enough there is only 111 days left till cross starts, but there is another "cross like" event coming just 32 days from now on July 1. This is some serious fun and awesome training for cross. The new tool above will help me keep track of progress and what it takes to keep up with this dude.

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