Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Power of Power

January is nothing too stressful, but solid work that will maintain the hard work from last year. And it's a month of decompressing from the cyclocross season and constructively start the build for the year ahead.
The Mean Maximal Power Curve has become one of my favorite graphs to compare like training sessions against each other. Last week was my first constructive training week for the season, I could certainly tell I had come off an extended break. This week things feel better and the numbers agree as I expected to see todays power curve above last week.
Yellow line last Tuesday
Dotted line today
Same wattage target

The latest version of WKO+ now has a Multi file range analysis tool that is very cool.

Now if I could just figure out this quadrant and scatter graph stuff.

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  1. awe geez Jeff, THIS is why I'm not a badass mofo like you! Keep up the early season stuff!