Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muddy Cross in Washington

Last cross race of the season for me today ended with a true epic race on a super hard course soaked by the 1" inch of sprinkles the weather man was calling for last night.

I know I lay this stuff out but I had no idea how much effort it would take to race it. Every minute of the 10 min laps were relentless, no room for recovery.

The park has a ton of elevation, not Hermann hills elevation but enough to allow for serious off camber sections, power climbs and fast down hills. Some of the course was so soupy one section required a super long run, I think the longest run section I've raced.

And to make things even harder, the barriers followed one of the more long grinding sections of leg zapping mud. By the time I hit the barriers there was no jumping, it was more like stepping over them.

Attendance was poor and it was a downer at first, but who cares, this is cross; those that were there made it feel like 200. Today was quality vs. quantity.

On the first lap I look clean. But not for long.

Photos By Mike

8 of us started, Ron Bridal and Jay Strothman took the lead with me in 3rd.

Long story short, Jay and Ron battled it out with Jay in 1st, Ron 2nd and I held of for 3rd. Good job guys! Results here

I felt like I had good legs and more importantly I finally figured out how to ride my bike in the mud. After sucking last weekend at State, cornering like I was pushing a baby carriage, I did some google searches, asked a few some question's resulting in some good tips. I'm glad I was able to test them out so soon and they worked big time. Big confidence builder.
Thanks to Joe, owner of Revolution Cycles ,and the guys and gals who helped put and take down the event, could not be done with out you all. And thanks to all the racers who have supported my events this year, we'll do it again in 2010!
See you at CXMAS


  1. Thanks again, Jeff. Loved the course. Where the hell was everyone?

  2. Oh man, reading that really made me wish I was there...

    See you at cxmas!

  3. Why are you the only one that's muddy?

  4. Jay and Ron went from finish line to clean up, I stayed in my dirt till after photo then cleaned up.

    See you at CXMAS

  5. Loved the course...what a torture-fest. Care to share your tips on riding and cornering in the mud?? Cuz I'm horrible :-)