Monday, December 07, 2009

Mo State Cross - race report

Third MO ST CX race in Hermann is the books. Each year has been very different, first year was a ice/rain/ flood that ripped the park apart, second year was ice cold and windy and today was for those that know how to race in slick muddy conditions.

I never layout a course that I think will suite me, I lay them out with the intention to make them fun, unique and challenging. With all the rain and a few floods this fall the course may have looked dry but after a few races the real conditions showed. Much of the course turned to mud with slick corners and a few spot where you could have held a mud wrestling tournament. The course played out like I wanted, I think most went home with some Hermann mud and a smile.

The p12 race was small, 9 riders, but the ones that were there were quality, the ones that have come to play each week in the Bubba Series A races all year. As I looked at the roster I could have predicted today's outcome as I went down the list and asked myself, am I capable of beating that guy this year?

Josh? Nope
Jon? Nope
Davey B? Nope
Dr Mark? nope,
Jay? Possibility, we've gone back and forth a bit this year
Alex? depends on if he says upright

So that puts my potential placing at 6th or 7th. 7th is where I ended the day. Not a spectacular race as I just sucked at keeping speed in the slick corners. But I felt good and raced it hard from start to finish trying to keep the speed up in case Jay or Alex who were in front of me blew up.

Next year I'll continue to train hard and make the "am I capable of beating that guy this year" smaller. Davey B said it last week, "it's about consistency", it takes time to get faster.

Thanks to all that came out and thanks to all the cheered me on. There is no doubt that STL cross is getting stronger every year.

Hope to see you all in Washington next week.

Crossed the line with a PBR hand up waiting, nice!


  1. As always A SUPER COURSE, VENUE, AND PERSONNEL! Really liked the bonus payout for all masters divisions which is never seen; you have taken over as 'favorite race promoter' in my book. Great job once again Jeff and well worth the 4hr drive (one way) from SWMO.


  2. Jeff,
    That was a PRO event. Great job on the course set up. Congrats on another GREAT Hermann race.

  3. Jeff, Thanks so much for a great race. Best course of the year.

    Good racing!

    Davey B

  4. Jeff,
    Thanks for everything this year, road and cross. The state course was awesome. Let us know when the gravel grinders will start.