Friday, November 06, 2009

Finally fixed it

I've had my share of issues this season with rear derailleur cable friction. I think I've changed out cable and housing a dozen times. Then a few weeks ago Drew B. directed me to Gore Ride on sealed low friction cable system. After a crazy muddy race last weekend, lots of bike washing and several dirty training days, the cable and shifting are friction free. Super easy to install and well worth it.


  1. Jeff - is it possible that the cable/housing friction is the result of too much power in the power washing?
    Just thinking,

  2. Could be… The way the cable routes exposed lends to water dripping down the cable into the housing even under light spray. After a cleaning, new cable and housing it would only take a week or so before I would notice drag. All my training is on the Katy Trail, gravel roads or city park, the KT especially kicks up allot of limestone dust, if it's at all wet out it gets mucky fast.

    Cross and MTB is so much more fun than road, but I’ve found a lot more time is spent keeping the bike tuned up. I’m learning to like wrenching more and more.

  3. I installed these two days before the muddy weekend. shifting was spot on the whole race. It was awesome. Loving the setup. Must be good on the crosswinds.

  4. I am runnin these for shifting and for brakes this year. Bike has been washed probably 5 times and all is still perfect.