Friday, October 23, 2009

Cleaning made easy

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Was directed to this 3.5 gallon portable power washer while reading the STL Biking forum last week. For $40 I could not resit. Item arrived yesterday, today I gave it a go after my early am wet training ride.

Super fast to hook up as it gets power from a cigarette lighter outlet in your car or truck, one hose to attached to the unit, turn on then 30 seconds later your ready to clean off a bike. Not a huge amount of power but perfect to get the bike washed off.

It's not very big, will fit easy in the floor board of the car.

Obviously this will be great to have after a messy cross or MTB race, but also perfect when the weather gets really cold for a quick rinse off after a training ride. Hooking up a hose to the outdoor home water supply when it's 32 degrees out stinks.

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