Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Chris Cross Sunday

Heading West this Sunday for the Chris Cross race in Leavenworth, KS. Looking forward to racing a De Stad series race, I know Chris works hard to puts on a good event, will be cool to finally get that way to experience one.

Race starts at 1pm, I'll post some info from the road.


  1. Its a great venue you'll like it! & Yes Chris busts ballz to put on a great race.

  2. Good luck with the race. Let us know about the wheel performance. I have wondered if there is a contact cement product that is not a bike specific glue that would work as well and cost much less - just wondering. And how about - are you going to give the glue job any yearly attention?

  3. I would not try and venture off with other contact cement products, I'd stick with what works, not worth the savings for a rolled tire.

    I don't plan to give them any more attention unless I have to pull one off again between now and Jan due to a flat that won't seal or another rolled tire.

    When the season is over I will more likely pull them off, clean up the rims to be ready for new rubber in 2010.

    I did get another set of tires just in case and have attached to a rim, no glue, to begin the stretching process.