Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chris Cross race report

Results here

Awesome place to host a CX race, it was almost like racing on a golf course. Hat's off to Chris and his crew for an awesome event, well worth the drive and will be on my list of races to attend next year.

Raced with the fast guys of KC, and there are lot of them, KCCX dominated the talent pool taking the top three and half the top ten. Even if my high end was in better shape I don't think pulling off better than 13th would have been possible. I think I have it in me to get into the the Scott D, Bill M, Adam M and others group that was in sight for the first half of the race. Time will tell.

Next up, Bubba Cross Series, Saturday Night and Sunday.


  1. Dude - That's a lot of X racers AND good ones too.

  2. Glad you made the trip over to witness first hand what I've been talking about. KC CX is FAST!

  3. You don't have to wait untin next year. Kansas State Championships will be at St. Mary's 11/15/09. Thanks for coming out.

  4. Rich - good chance you'll see me there for the KC State race.