Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tall Oak Challenge

This MTB think seems to be where it's at. Yesterdays 6 hour team event was pure fun all the way around. Awesome course and great folks. Nick and his crew at Team Red Wheel did an awesome job, thanks guys!

Justin and I had a good race, we were shooting for ten laps, came up one short due to a chain issue Justin had plus he decided to launch off his bike into a tree.

I personally had a good day on the bike, felt in control all day while working to improve lap times as the day went on. First two laps were in the 39 40 min range. Lap 3 and 4 I pushed the downhills and worked to stay off the breaks in the corners, shaved lots of time off with 37 min.
We ended up 12th on the day out of 28 teams, not bad considering the mechanical issues, would have been 8th if not for that.

Today I'll head out for some training then hit the last day of the Gateway Cup on Monday.

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  1. Good job. Time to get after your X now?