Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cross Season has started

Big efforts this weekend by many as Cross in MO has started. Took home 5th in the Men Open race and very happy with how the race day ended.

Lots of calories burned over the past few days getting this race set up and put away. Great to see so many from all over.

Time for some recovery, followed by a some good training then I'll do it again (with the help of many) for Hermann Cross Under the Lights.

Bearcat Results


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM


    You put on a great race. It was my first cross race and I loved it. I didn't finish as well as I would've liked, but still had a blast.


  2. Great way to open up the season, Jeff. Liked the wide paved start a lot, no worries about getting stuck in a rut and getting run over. Good mix on the rest of the course too.

    thanks, seeya next week.

  3. Well done Jeff and sure wish BikeTech could've brought a load of racers to your Herman race - perhaps next year. So fun to see you do well with your X-biking passion. Tear it up. Jingle Cross on the calendar??


  4. Congrats on a great course, and venue. I am mega stoked for this weekend. Thanks Jeff!!

  5. Thanks for all the comments about the race!

    Kat - sorry, no JC for me this year.

    See everyone Saturday night!

  6. Bob Jenkins1:05 PM

    Awesome course, man1 We had a great time.