Monday, August 31, 2009

Otterville RR Race Report

Team had a good showing, Rich, Dennis, Brian, Ron and I. Jose and Justin were to show up too, but Jose was out with a bad hip and Justin overslept.
So the 5 us made a plan and off we went. The first lap was good, we controlled O’Neal who likes to shoot off the front of these road races from mile zero for an attempted 48 mile TT. It has worked in the past so we made sure this time it would not. All his attempts were covered.

Most of the first lap was much the same, a few break attempts but all were brought back. Near the half way point of the second lap one guy got off the front, I decided to bridged up and we began to see what we could do. We started 30 second rotations, stayed away a bit and I think began to make some ground. We made our way around turn two now with a tail wind moving along well then O’Neal decides to bridge up and join us. At least I thought so, turns out he decide to just sit there and not help. The guy is a good rider and could have helped us grow the gap we had and might have been the winning break. We were just about to hit the rollers which I think would have been to our advantage. But it was not and we were caught. The race finished in one large big pack sprinting up the final hill. I had some cramps so my sprint was poor, ended up 24th or so out of 44.

Overall pleased with the effort, downloaded the power file and was pleased with that too.

Most of the Dogfish team was beat up after the crashes from Sat and Sun. Hope all you guys heal up quick.


  1. Geoff B.6:31 PM

    That was one crazy race but fun all the same. I hope Brian is OK - amazing he didn't do more than scratch up his knee. Altercations with cars usually end up with trips to hospital....

  2. Great racing and don't you just have the biggest X racing season planned. Wish we could get some BikeTech folks into your neck of the woods/hills for some of your events. Perhaps one day. What about Jingle Cross in IA?

    Race on and hope you have a spectacular X season!

  3. Good racing - we need to take O'Neal out behind the barn or - just convince him that it is to his advantage to have him working in the break. Better to fight for one of three places than one of 44. Doesn't make sense.
    X on. Yeah, back to Jingle. They got over 250 preregistered in the first 24 hours. Whew