Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fango - there is just somthing about them...

Having the Challenge Fango tubies on my carbon wheels, which I can hardly remember what they feel like as I only use them for cross races and some training, I wanted to make sure I was running the same tire on my training wheels which are clinchers. So the other day the Fango clinchers arrived. There is something about these tires that are different then the clinchers I've used in the past, mostly Maxxis and Kenda which I’ve been training on all year. I do a lot of cross bike miles on the Katy Trail in the early am.

The rubber seems different, (texture and feel), the smell is different and they ride great. I would say better but not sure of that due to them being new to me. Your mind can play tricks on you when you have a new product in hand.

Doing some searching I found this……

Mud and Cowbells article

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