Sunday, August 09, 2009

Beat by the Heat (Spanish Lake MTB Race)

98 degrees and sunny made for one hot tamale. Based on the last few races it was going to be a battle between Rock, Mark and I. Rock took off with me on his wheel followed by Mark. Rock and I got a gap on the field after one lap with Mark still within sight.

Lap two started I began to feel the heat, half way into lap 2 the heat was winning, soon after I lost all power, lost the wheel of Rock, Mark caught, passed and I was left riding like a first timer.

Coming into the race I was looking to hit the podium, but today I was left with no legs and even less motivation to try and recover. So I packed it up and called it a day. Good job to all that played the heat right and made a good day of it.

That's the last MWFT series race for me this year. They were a ton of fun, I look forward to more next year. The question will be 35+ expert or expert open? Looking at past races, both category winners this year blow my lap times away, but I'm hoping it will help push me to ride faster.

After completing a full week off the bike last week I'm ready for some big hours this month. Aug is base/threshold month that will have me riding 13 hours a week for the next 3 weeks followed by a rest week. Then, it's two week reaming before the real season starts!

In case you don't know, this starts in

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  1. Just one of those days.....

    I'm sure we'll see each other again next year; hopefully I'll be ready to move to the expert 35+ so we can get our butt's kicked together.

  2. Moving up to expert is HAARRRDDDD. Its like going from cat 4 to cat 1 on the road, but drafting for some reason doesnt work anymore!!!

    Fired up for cross to start.