Friday, July 03, 2009

Thrusday Night Dirt Crit #1

Thursday Night dirt crits have to be some of the best racing there is next to cross. Ralph and his crew set the place up right offering tons of fun for all.

Shaun and I loaded up the truck with three bikes for the short 1.5 hour drive to STL. My plan was to race the A race on the MTB.

Then enter the B race right after on the cross bike.

This worked out well, I'll stick with this plan from here on out. Bob from the team let me use one of his 1.8 cross tires for the night. I used it on the front wheel, that worked great for this course. I rode the B race with this bike having tons of fun. This race was more about cross skills than anything. Did several laps for about 20 min, felt good on the bike but then a small cramp came on in my calf so I coasted in and called it a night.

My fist race however was the A race, I lined up at 6pm with 24 others.

I spent the first couple laps keeping a steady pace then began to ramp things up a bit. I'd see riders ahead, work to catch and pass. About 38 min I could see Drew and John ahead. Took about two laps to finally catch. The three of rode for a lap or so with Drew falling off leaving John and I to see who would capture that 10 place spot. John had the better legs and eventually rode away taking home 10th with me close behind in 11th.

Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crit by Velo Force Results A Race Thursday 7-02-2009
Place Name Team Bib
1 Chris Ploch DRJ 171
2 Josh "Butthead" Johnson Bigshark 175
3 Bob Arnold DRJ 169
4 John Mathews DRJ 170
5 Greg Sandknop Seagal 177
6 Wes Bierman DRJ 173
7 Doug Davis Gateway 179
8 Zak Hafner Mesa 180
9 Paul Quindry Gateway 188
10 John Peiffer Ghisallo 181
11 Jeff Yielding Dogfish 166
12 Drew Black Mesa 183
13 Eric Shuck Velo Force 172
14 Ralph Pfremmer Velo Force 168
15 Ryan Hermsmeyer Bigshark 186
16 Robert Metz DRJ 178
17 Kent Jones ICCC 167
18 Matt Stuckman Bigshark 189
19 Logan Von Bokel Mesa 174
20 Jim Krewit DRJ 176
21 Rich Pierce ICCC 184
22 James Nelson Bigshark 187
DNF David Nies Bike Surgeon 182
DNF Craig Thrasher Velo Force 185
DNS Dan McCarthy Unattached 190

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  1. Hey Jeff - Good to see you out racing the practice/training events. It's like our old Conn races, You know he got out of the race promotion business - his hip gave out on him and he just didn't want anything to do with racing if he could do it well. It might have had something to do with getting burned our after promoting over 50 races a year for the last 5 years. It has left some big holes in our schedule.