Friday, July 17, 2009

Dirt Crit #3

Good hard race last night with a mix of slick conditions thanks to the rain that fell right as we got started.

Plan for tonight was to stick with the main pack at the start vs. starting in the back and working up. After a couple laps positions quickly were established with the normal super fast guys off the front and long gone. What I could see was Logan and Drew working together up the trail a bit followed by John, Tom and I. This would play out to be the battle for 7th.

Along the way Logan broke free from Drew, then with 3 to go Drew was getting closer as we continued to chased him down. I was third man in the chase group being slower around the corners then John and Tom were. I found myself having to dig deep to catch back on through the straights and long grassy section.

With one lap to go coming into the creek crossing I knew this would be a make or break section. Clear the creek well and there was a chance to pass and move up. Don’t and there would be no chance to catch up. On top of that, Scott, who had taken a number of spills during the race, was quickly gaining ground from behind. I botched the creek crossing, then had a hell of a time getting clipped in. No way to catch back up to the guys in front of me so I did what I could to hold of Scott. He ended up catching me in the last turn just before the finish.

Fun race! Good job guys!

B race afterward was a good time too. Started in the back and moved up to 18th. No cross bike this time, way too slippery for those skinny tires.

Open A
201 Chris Ploch DRJ 1
205 Greg Sandknop Segal 2
206 Wes Bienman DRJ 3
202 Logan Von Bokel Dent Wizzard 4
204 Zach Hafner Mesa 5
207 Bob Arnold DRJ 6
218 Drew Black Mesa 7
215 Tom Albert DRJ 8
216 John Peiffer Ghisallo 9
196 Scott Olgivie 10
173 Jeff Yielding Dogfish 11
209 Craig Hoeflinger 12
211 Jim Krewet DRJ 13
212 Robert Metz DRJ 14
217 Craig Thrasher Velo Force 15
208 Kent Jones ICCC 16
203 Bob Crow DogFish 17
210 Mike Teiber Ballwin Cycles 18
219 James Nelson BigShark 19
220 The Dr. 20
221 Rich Kisselofff 21
213 Barry Blueribbonkemper 22

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  1. Jeff - good job - what great events.