Friday, July 10, 2009

Dirt Crit #2

Another awesome night for dirt crits! Ralph and his crew do a bang of job of providing entertainment and food for all!

A Race (MTB)
22? lined up for this one. Stuck with the game plan of starting in the back then working my way up as far as I could. I like this plan as it allows for maximum fun trying to catch guys out in front. And the workout is exceptional; keeps me on my toes, helps me concentrate on clean lines in pursuit of short lap times and finally motivation to push hard.

With 6 laps to go I could see Ron from the team as I entered the start finish area. Over the next lap I was able to catch and we rode a lap or two together while at the same time Drew from Mesa was coming into view. With three to go I put in a hard lap to gauge how Drew was holding up. Figured if the effort got me close I would push on, if not I would stay steady. In doing so I lost Ron and made up significant ground on Drew so I pressed on catching him just as we the final lap. I stuck to his wheel with a plan to attack after the creek crossing. Once out of the creek and up the bank to the straight-way I put the hammer down and was able to get clear. Ended up 9th on the night.

B Race (Cross Bike)
Thanks to Matt for hooking me up with a new front beefy tire and to Bob for letting me use his wheel and tire again this week.
Huge field of racers in the B race, I think 45-50. For me, this race is about getting to know the cross bike better, working on handling skills at speed, and pushing the watts on the straights.

Highlight of the night was on the last lap where several of us crossed the creek together. Once clear I pushed it hard with a plan to keep it pegged to the end. Came around one of grassy corners, which by this time of the night had begun to see some moisture, and slipped going about 20pmh. Knocked the wind out of me as I hit the deck hard. About 7 guys came flying by as I got my wits about me and soft peddled in. Next day feel fine, no injuries thank goodness.

Today rest, Saturday MTB Champs then top the week off with Babler X-Treme on Sunday.


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