Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour of Winghaven RR

I thought the ToW had a great look to it this year. Banners, start truss, staff shirts the whole nine yards, place looked professional, nice job Mike and crew!

Had about 80 in my race, started front row and lead things about for about half a lap or so. Moved off and settled in for what was to be 10 laps.

At the end of the 2nd lap we came into the round- a-bout, several guys go down in front of me resulting in a full brake controlled slide coming to a stop just before colliding into the pile of wreckage in font of me.

Took a bit of time to get through the pile, but I did, and off I was in full sprint mode to catch the group which was now on top of the hill. Tried to work with a few riders to catch back on, but we never made much progress. Finally after 5 laps of horrid hot temperatures riding mostly solo, I called it a day.

Not the way I wanted this race to end, but those are the breaks I guess.

Next week is recovery then July I ramp up the intensity for the first time this year. Most of this year has been threshold with a mix of above threshold, but July will max out my abilities setting me up for cross season.

Dirt crits and MTB races will dominate July!


  1. jeff, that sucks. i heard the crash. was it going around the left side? if it was it was just behind me a few bikelengths back. thats a gut wrenching feeling riding that course by youself! i know!

  2. Too bad, Jeff. The body and bike made OK?
    We checked with our schedules for Hermann under the lights - but several of us well be at Chequamegon.
    Another year another race

  3. Bike and body fine, did not go down thankfully

    Thanks for thinking about the lights race!