Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend update

4" of rain for most in the area Friday had my plans to visit Cosmo park on Sunday in question not knowing if it would be a mud pit or not. With Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to dry and took my chances that it would be rideable and headed out the door early Sunday AM.

The track was in great shape, a few puddles here and there, just enough to make a mess of my bike, but overall the place was in great shape. I pre-loaded my Maxxix Cross Mark tires, determined to give these a try. I kept reading they were slippery on rocks and wet roots so I've been apprehensive it trying them. For me, they hooked up awesome, wish I would have put them on sooner!

Kept things easy out there for a few hours, I was there to get to know the course for the June 7 race and work on handling skills.

The rest of the day was manual labor efforts in the yard with mowing and heavy lifting as I loaded and unloaded two truck bed loads of rock for some landscaping.

Next race is Wheels over Wildwood, TT and Crit over Memorial Day weekend.

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