Wednesday, May 27, 2009

June/July Preview

May is about to end and that means things are about to get busy with some serious racing.

July 8 - Rhetts Run (fat tire championship)
July 13 - Route 66 Team Du (bike leg)
July 14 - State Road Race
July 21 - Tour of Winghaven

July 1 - Dirt Crit
July 11 - MO ST MTB Championship
July 12 - Babler X Treme Circuit Race
July 9 - Dirt Crit
July 16 - Dirt Crit
July 23 - Dirt Crit
July 26 - MTB Points Race
July 30 - Dirt Crit

The much anticipated dirt crits.... this year I plan to race them on the cross bike.

In other news, well there is no other news, just training and more training...... till next time.


  1. I'd be very careful on the cx bike running the front side of the park. I used one on the back side course and it was perfect. On the front I think you'll be faster and less likely to flat with the fat hoops.

  2. Great picture - good action.

  3. We saw some of your boys at the memorial day races. Didn't get a chance to talk to them. We had some good racing on the snake and in melon city.