Sunday, February 01, 2009

Drunk on Gravel

Scott, Jason and Andy from IL joined the Hermann crew (Louie, Baumstark brothers, Jose and I) for a fun filled day of gravel. Only one missing was Shaun who was not up for a long day on the open road.

Hit up some new gravel down South this time around for a nice 57 miles. Did not seem like alot of climbing but we ended up with over 4000 ft.

Few highlights of the day was when Jason showed us his mad skill on the cross bike. I will tell you this was the third take as I kept screwing up the camera. His other two attempts prior this this was perfect.

Boy that had to hurt! Jason shot up off the ground and all was OK. I going to bet he will be feeling that tonight/ Monday AM.

Another odd sight was the couple in their car coming down the gravel road both sitting in front seat with the gale looking out the back window. Gee, wounder what those two were up to?

One thing that cracks me up is from time to time we come across a "good old boy" in his truck giving a look like we just ruined his day by having to wait or go around us or wait as we pass by to fit down a narrow section of road. Today we had one such truck owner who gave us a great go to hell look. I realize we just added 30 seconds to his life he will never get back by having to wait for us, but really, come on, smile a bit more guy.

For me, today's ride started and ended great. My nutrition plan was spot on, never felt stressed and kept in control all day.

Few days stuck in side early this week but the weather looks great as the weekend approaches.


  1. Jeff - Good day for some gravel with your guys. That wheelie - whew!
    Just watched Kurt Warner and Cardinals get beat in the last seconds of the game. Funny how every one in Cedar Falls has a story of Kurt throwing them a sack of chip in our Hy Vee. We are so proud of what he's done.
    I'd rather have watched the X Worlds...Trebon - what luck.

  2. Hey Jeff

    Nice to see you out making friends with gravel. BikeTech teamies did too today. Our first metric gravel hundy. Pristine conditions until heading back to town - like no snow, ice or gravel. The plan is working.


  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Gotta say my backside looks and feels like I just survived my first week in the slammer. Overall, though, not too bad. Thanks for the epic ride it was the most fun I've had in a while! Hope to make a few more. I will be bringing a buffet with me next time, as not to bonk - at all. Preparation is the key to success.

  4. John/Kat - from the looks of things you two are plenty drunk on gravel up there too :)

    Heal fast Jason