Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another Grinder in the books

As normal we headed out from Time for Pie at 10 am sharp!

Today's crew was Jason, Andy and Justin from Wild Trak Bikes , Andy from CBC in Columbia and locals Danny and Shaun.

Today's' route took us North across the river into Montgomery County all the way to I 70 and back. Came to near 65 miles at 13.3 MPH with a few less hills coming in at 2900 feet of climbing.

Shaun must have overslept a bit, Bernadette and Me-Mo drove him out to meet us about 15 miles into the ride.

Last week a few ended the ride more hungry then they would have liked. Not this time!

Look from the bridge on I-70 just a bit past the half way mark.

At first the ride seemed a bit flat to me and boring. Being a new route I had no idea what was in store so I did begin to worrie . But after the 12 mile ride down the Katy trail and up north past HWY K things started to get interesting visually and had a few challenging hill clumbs. Some of the names were Grave Yard Hill and Devils Back Bone. With names like that they have to be tough.

Ended up being a good ride, don't think anyone was disappointed.

Next weekend is the last of the Hermann Gravel Grinders. So far we have logged 222 plus miles and over 20 hours on the fine Hermann gravel roads.

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