Monday, December 01, 2008

Queeny Park Race Report

David Stroot started a rain dance the other day and it seemed to work. Granted he is rain dancing for next weekends State Cross Race, but the rains/snow came a week early and we were all treated to a good muddy race.

Overall I had a good race. Started out in the back moving up to 13th as I battled it out with guys like Dan, Drew, Matt and others. Ended the day in 16th.

Big thanks to all the guys/ gals who helped build the courses and set things up in STL this year. I think I speak for many that they were some of the best in the past few years. Next week those folks get to sit back and relax, Hermann will take care of everything with the the Missouri Sate Race , two days of action. Can't wait to get out and build the course.

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