Thursday, December 11, 2008

It all starts today!

Last year Dawndi and I drove to KC for cross nationals through a sea of semi trucks that had slid off the road due to the horrid weather conditions. Made it there but did not race.

The year before that is was a UCI race, raced one day but chose not to the next due to frozen ruts that seemed like a foot deep.

This year, and the final year in KC, is my last chance to race Nationals unless I travel to some other far off place, not going to happen. Fortunate for me the weather for the weekend looks like a windy spring day in April. 50+ degrees!

Here is a good blog with info about the days building up to the big event

Today the action starts at 9am See schedule here.

Saturday I leave for KC early for my first race of the weekend at 1pm. Masters 35+
Sunday I race again in the elite race at 1:30pm

This weekend is all about fun, no real expectations on results as anything can happen with 100+ guys racing in each of the races I'm in. My starting spots are 114 for the masters and 70 something for the elite race. If I move up from there it will a good race.

Keep up with the action here

and here


  1. good luck, jeff! have fun!!!

  2. Rock it, bro!! Have fun and drink it all in...I mean the race, not the suds! Okay, maybe the suds will be easier on your body.