Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bubba weekend part 2

Better day for sure, results may not show it but the mind feels good about it.

Started out in the back and quickly found a group of 10 riders that formed a nice pack early on. Rider included Drew, Matt L, Matt D, Dennis, Chris, Justin and others.

Over the next few laps I was able to move my way up in the group to about 4th spot. With 5 laps to go we hit the barriers and I had planned on moving through the barriers fast ready to pass another when my toe clipped the first barrier and down I go like head first like Pete Rose into third.

Chain fell off and left shifter was bent over. I got the chain back on and let the shifter stay like it was ,then off I went. This spill lost me at least six spots.

I had been going near the top end while with the group so my chasing effort was lack luster at bets. I tired my best but there was not enough in the tank to chase down what I had lost. I spent the remaining laps holding a steady comfortable pace to the end.

Like I said, the results will not show what did feel like a good race.

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  1. Tough races this weekend in the A's for sure, but you held your own. Get your rest and recovery and have a strong finish to the year!!