Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tour of Missouri stage 6 Hermann!

Hermann made it happen on Saturday! All the hard work, many hours of meetings and planning came to a close with a great stage 6 start in a town that is working hard to capture the attention of the cycling community.

It all started early with tons of steel used to set up a massive start line. We were very fortunate that the rain held off the entire day, I know St. Joe had to deal with rain Monday AM and that had to be very difficult setting up while getting wet.

The crowds started to come as the teams set up along 4th street. That was a sight to see! Team cars, buses, bikes and fans filled 4th street. It was very cool to see it all fit in there so well. We think between 3 and 4 thousand were on hand, hard to tell. I'm sure we will hear from the tour what the final count is.

This photo by Casey Gibson

Dawndi took some time to get autographs on this cool host city sign we have. She got all the big names.

Now the time we have been waiting for... the start. I was honored to co-start the race with Peter Kinder and Michelle Montague to get things going.

Unique thing about the start in Hermann was the out and back loop through town. This gave everyone an opportunity to see them leave, then again 5 min later and passed through the start shoot before leaving town.
Michelle and Loui holding up our signed Host City sign.

Awesome day, awesome event. Big thanks to all those from the tour staff and the local Hermann volunteers that made this day a success.


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Wow, Jeff the whole thing is awesome!!! I can't believe 4th street was so full. Dawndi said it was blast!

  2. Jeff - Congratulations on a job well done. What an event!!!! You and your folks must be so happy and proud of what you accomplished.
    What you could have done for Finchford.

  3. You are amazing Jeff. Truly inspiring to see all the work that you and the people in Hermann have done to host such an event. Congrats to you all.

  4. Thanks all for the nice comments - word came in that we had about 8000 in town for the race that day!