Friday, August 01, 2008

Thursday Night Dirt Crit

Photo by e-55

Good times last night! Big thanks to Ralph and crew for setting up this event series.

Started the night off with the A race with 14 other racers. Quickly two groups were established with 7 in the first group then about 6 or so in the 2nd. I made into the 2nd group. Things sorted out fast as we moved through the woods at a nice quick pace. I'd say about half way through the race I became the lone guy from the 2nd group fortunate enough to cross the line in 8th place.

The B race started out with lots of racers, at last 25 if not more. The race to the hole shoot was fast and furious, made it there 3rd wheel behind Logan and another on their cross bikes. First open spot I passed one guy to move into 2nd right behind Logan. We came to the creek crossing and Logan took a spill leaving me in 1st. I then settled in for the next few laps leading the train around the track. I would guess there were about 4 to 6 guys in the lead group.

The lead group slowly reduced to 3, Hub guy, Ghisallo guy and I. We kept things tight working to fend off a group of 3 or 4 chasing close behind. With three laps to go I made a move to the front, hit the creek crossing first, which was a bitch to cross, and then both calf mussels locked up big time sending me into disable mode. Could hardly get off the bike I was in so much pain. Pulled over to the side and watched the race go by. Tried to stretch things out and make a run for it again but it was a no go. Rode to the finish line and called it a race.

Bummer about the cramps but can't complain too much, had a good night of racing and a blast doing it! Next up, State Crit this on Sunday.


  1. Yeah buddy.....SUFFA!!!!

  2. awesome jeff, sounds like a know, i was so close to cutting my ride short and head back to go to the race.