Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday Night Crit

Last night began what I hope to be something that catches on and sticks. Four others and I met up in the Hermann Industrial Park for a crit workout. The park has a nice 1.15 mile, 7 corner circuit with a nice 10% grade hill which turn into 5% before reaching the top for a elevation gain of 100 feet per lap. Speeds of 35+ are reached coming down the hill and, no traffic. It's an out and back course but it works.

Seems like more an more riders are coming out the woodwork here locally, must be all the cycling activity going on. Danny, Dennis, Shaun, Jose, Dan and I all showed up for the first Thursday night crit workout, who knows more may show up next week. Anyway the workout was 40 min round and round. This group of riders is a mix of all ability types which is great. Some have been riding for a long time, some race and some are new to the road coming from a MTB background.

It was a good hard workout with Jose and I taking the lead breaking away from the group early on. Jose and I exchanged pulls a few time till about 25 min into it I attacked up the hill getting a small gap. The gap grew over the next few laps and I was able to stay away till the 40 min mark where we called it quits and headed for home.

New Garmin 305 edge showed up the other day, awesome cycling computer. Downloaded last nights work out lap by lap. Go here if you want to check it out. Check out the player, very cool.


  1. jeff, sounds like a fun little course. where did you get your garmin? i've been checking a few places online, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  2. Rich,

    Try here