Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday ride

Feels like spring is just around the corner, soon the trees will be filled in with leaves and greenness! Looking forward to the the ugliness of winter to be gone.

Jose and I headed out early for our weekly Sunday ride, just the two of us this time. Chilly start to the ride as we were met with mid 30's, just cold enough to get your attention. I mapped out a new route for the day, some familiar roads and a new one via Hwy J that I had driven once and had been looking forward to riding for some time. We headed West over to Starkenberg, then back east to Bigsprings linking up to Hwy J. Nice road filled with farms, rolling hills and flat river bottom like terrain. The climb out of the valley to I-70 frontage road North was a nice 5 percent grade that seemed to go on for ever. You don't see to many long gradual steady climbs like that, made for a nice effort.

Once to I-70 we took the frontage road East through Highhill, Jonesburg all the way to Truckston. Made a final water fill up at the Flying J before the rolling hill ride home via B to 94.

Once back to Hermann I puttered around a bit, made a trip to the local grocery store for some post ride Tuna for a total of 85 miles. Good day!


  1. Jeff - I see 70 degree weather for you tomorrow. Looks like a day to cut work and do another 85 miles.
    We still have - 5-7 foot drifts all over he place - well, a few of them out in the country.

  2. yikes! 5-7 foot snow drifts, it will be June before you guys thaw out :)

    Had to work yesterday, actually took the day off the bike, needed some rest.

    Hope you Iowans get thaw out and get one of your races in soon.