Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crazy Sunday

Happy Easter to everyone.....

Most Easter Sundays that come to mind the sun is out, temps are warm and the first signs of spring are well on their way. Easter coming so early this year made for one weird day.

Waking up to snow and colder than expected temps Dawndi and I headed to Easter services which was nice and well packed as always on Easter.

I had planned a road ride but the wet cold weather had me thinking MTB /gravel. So after church I gave Shaun a call for a short 2.5 hour ride.

We were treated with windy cold temps and a few snow flurries, nothing crazy. Ride was good, after a week of rest I was push the tempo and effort, got what I was looking for.

Just after we returned it began to snow, so hard you could not see the other side of the lake.

10 min later, poof the sun is out and the snow melts away with-in minutes.

Sun came out again so I took Hadley for a walk, on the way back it snowed again and covered everthing with the white stuff. Sun came out again and melted it all away.

Now I have the grill fired up cooking steaks, hope to get them done before the next white out.....

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