Sunday, February 24, 2008

Froze Toes Race Report

Last night we were treated with an inch of snow around here. Thoughts of Froze Toes being cancelled were on my mind. Thankfully the snow missed much of Columbia MO, any that did fall to the grown melted away by 9am or sooner. With good news that the race was on, Jose and I loaded up and headed West.

I think we had a good team today in the ¾ race, Jose, Denny, Matt, Rich and I. Matt unfortunately had a flat about a half way into the race which ended his day much to early.
The pack stayed together for most of the race. A few break aways of 2 or less riders did occur but did not stay away for long before the pack swept them up.

As we completed the final turn the pace picked up with only 4 miles to go. A few attacks here and there but all were matched as we continued to roll toward the finish. With 1 mile to go I was about 3rd wheel and the final surge to the finish line occurred with a couple of riders passing me on the right: the sprint to the line was on. Then two guys in front of me go sideways, take each other out and I pass by them within inches of going down with them. I lost some momentum then picked up where I left off sprinting to the line less than 100 yards away. Crossed the line in 5th. Jose ended up in 10th with Denny and Rich close behind.

Hope all are OK from the crash today, hate to see that happen. Thanks Columbia for a fun race!



  1. Jeff - Congratulations on the great race - especially with the hairy crash incident at the end. Good way to start the season.
    Looking forward to seeing the full results.
    We had some darn good racing too. The all time Iowa record was broke today at our house.
    What's next on your schedule?

  2. Johne, looked like a great roller race, TV coverage and everything.

    Up next is Hillsborogh March 29th

  3. Great Job Jeff!

    Yep that TV coverage was great. Hope we can build on it.

  4. Geesh - Jeff. Those are great results even without the incident.