Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bike Fit

Spent some time this week in St Louis for a bike fit at Big Shak.

End result was a seat height adjustment about 3/4" higher, forward cleat adjustment and bar rotation adjustment. I've spent some time on the trainer with the new settings and they feel fine, don't feel as upright as I did before.

Sunday is the planned DogFish Team Ride, weather looks like it will hold out OK, we'll have to wait till morning to be sure.


  1. Good to see that you are getting some pro help with fitting. We had one in the fall and have another scheduled soon. Which bike or bikes did you have fit?
    WE went out for 120 aaaaaaaahhh K's today - nearly epic in the end.

  2. I'm looking forward to my bike fit as well - good to have it done and to "Know" where to be - I'm going to have all three bikes fit I think.

    Yeah - today we were working on keeping our Iowa Edge - clear, sunny, windy and cold. Got out the chemical heaters and introduced John to their wonders. It was epic at the end - what a ride at least is wasn't in the basement.

    Have a good ride tomorrow - WE will be preparing for a Blizzard.


  3. Nice ride, hate to see you all getting that much snow....

    Fit was for the road bike...