Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday ride

Seems like most everyone is talking about how nice the weather is in their neck of the woods. Same holds true here in Hermann too.

Jose and I headed out Sunday for a perfect 50+ mile ride. Map Overall a great ride with the exception of the flat tire 51 miles into a planned 60 miles. Front tire when dead, remembered I forgot my pump, Jose was pump less too, so had to call Dawndi Cam for a ride. Thank goodness it was not cold, or we would have been a couple of popsicles.

Today is a Katy Trail ride on the MTB bike. Will be a fight the wind ride as they are calling for 25mph winds. Rest of the week looks OK, may get out side a few times.


  1. The rest of the week is supposed to be okay in Hermann??? That's far different that StL.

  2. Flat tire, huh? Two guys and no pump. you guys need much bigger group rides.