Friday, December 14, 2007


So the weather was not so perfect today for a cross race. What I feared the most came about today, FROZEN RUTS. I hate these things and they hate me. After checking in and doing part of a pre-lap I knew my day was over before it even began. I could barley keep the front strait and myself on two wheels.
The decision not to race comes from sucking so bad at these types of conditions. Give me slippery mud anytime, but freeze it and I walk. Don't feel like ending up like one of these guys laid up for a month or more.
O'well, those are the breaks. Disappointed yes, end of the world, no.


  1. Too bad about the conditions. I assume your warmup lap was during the 8am open session. It was really icy for us too, on Thursday, but was much muddier by the time we raced. Did it get any better as the day went on? Maybe not, since Saturday was colder.

  2. Jeff, did you see any of the mens elite race? I was glad to read Wells was hanging in the top three since got to see him race in Iowa. Nice to actually see how fast a national level athelete goes. Fast! I wonder if you got the same sense watching the KC race, or whether it was more technique. Bill H.

  3. ps--drawing time!

  4. Jim, they were letting us out between races. It was so cold on Saturday I don't think it got much better, the last race was moved to Sunday it started to snow heavy. I think you picked the right day to race...

    Bill, nope, I was out of there on Saturday, actually did not see much of anything.... good luck with the drawing, who knows when we'll know.

  5. I raced in pure frozen conditions first thing Sunday. Yeah it was slick, but I think I prefer that over the pure mud conditions. The last race on Saturday was great to watch, but they did rerun the 55-50, 60-64, and 65+ race on Sunday since those guys were getting lapped all over the place.

    Thanks again for putting the Herman race and see out riding again sometime.

  6. It was some week end of racing. The elite races were amazing - big crowds and fast racers.
    I think I'll go back.