Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bubba in Hermann Day 1

Turned out to be fun day for a cross race. Rain, cold and muddy, what else could you ask for?
Had a good strong race, will post report later. For now you can find results here


  1. Way to go - on the podium. Congratulations Jeff! "True" Cross conditions makes it even sweeter.
    Hope the races go as well Sunday too.


  2. Good job - Jeff. "true x conditions" huh? Looks like you are going to have even truee-er or the truee-est conditions ever today.
    looking forward to more reports.

  3. Jeff, two great days of racing in classic cyclocross weather, who could ask for more! I was somewhat frustrated after Sat race because I felt like I couldn't really "open up" on the course. But I warmed up to it today, especially being able to blast through the sand pit my second to last lap. Then my last lap I flatted and had to ride down the asphalt on my rim, barely holding off a charging Richard Bowes from Mesa at the line to save . . . 8th place! :) Phew, that was exciting.

    I know you put in a lot of unreimbursed hours (monetarily), so again "much thanks", it was worth it. Bill H. ps--hopefully, all those bottles of wine you get to keep will be fair compensation.