Monday, October 01, 2007

Thorny Katy Trail

Local fitness shop, The Renaissance Center, held their year end ride on the Katy Trail yesterday. I decided to make the ride part of my Sunday workout.

I headed out on the mountain bike about an hour before for some interval work, then met up with the group at 1. The ride was broken up into three groups, depending on the desired distance, riders met in different location along the trail.

At the first stop, I saw two fellas getting their bikes ready, one with a Big Shark jersey on. This I thought was different, you don't see Big Shark out this way very often, actually I think this is the first Big Shark jersey I have seen in the Hermann area ever.

Long story short, the two guys were Scott and Zack, both from STL. Zack is a 16 year old Cat 2 rider who races for Big Shark and Scott works for the fitness center here to support the ride who brought Zack along with him.

About 4 of us met at the 3o mile start point to to ride the 5 mile leg to where others would meet for the 22 mile ride. I chatted a bit, then I picked up the pace getting into a TT mode to the next stop.

The next stop was filled with riders waiting for us. I would say at least 12 to 15. I filled up with water, looked down at my bike; crap, a flat tire. Changed it out and off we went.

As we traveled down the Katy trail, now 20+, I was able to learn there may be an adventure race coming to Hermann next year. The manager of the fitness center is looking to host one sometime in April. Hermann is starting to come alive with fitness activities! Details mid month on a possible cyclo-cross race in Hermann this December.

I talked a bit more then off I went into TT mode to meet the next group about 10 miles up the trail.

Once to Bluffton I looked down; crap, another flat. The trail must be full of thorns this time of year. Several min later the rest of the group showed up and Zach too had a flat. My flat was a slow leak so I decided to cut the ride short to play the fill up with air, ride, fill up with air game for a return trip home.

This lasted only a few miles as I was able to get 3 min or less ride time before filling up with air again. Soon it became a lost cause, full flat riding on the rim. Made the call home for a pick up and called it a day.

Finally, woke up this morning, my front tire is flat too....


  1. Crap - don't you just hate it when that happens. At least you were prepared with the tube, pump and cell phone.
    Talk about Big Shark - one of those jerseys showed up for the two days of X at Newton - he won one day and second place on Sunday. Anyway, I mentioned you - he knew of you - and I told him that I 'd one of the Bubba races last year and he told me that Bubba was his dog.
    Small world.

  2. I think his name is Josh, nick name butthead... very good racer

  3. My son (11) and I rode on Chubb trail for the first time all of the way to the end. Somehow with the lower river loop we thought we were counting down the tired miles to our van and then we popped up at West Tyson park (the turn around 2 exits down I44). Not enough light/energy so we had to call my wife for the bale out ride. Great trail though.

    I wanted to tell you what a great time we had on the 7 Hills of Hermann Ride. My brother was coming down from Minnesota to watch some stages of the Tour of Missouri so I told him to bring the bike. A great ride, some wine and an intermediate sprint made for an awesome cycling day. He is a better rider than I and the hills leveled the playing field (I have done Babler Beast the last couple of years). I will definitely be back to the area for some rides with an overnight and will watch for events. Cool T-shirt too.

  4. Rob,

    It was great to have you there. I have lots of video of the ride that I need to edit, look for that here soon.