Sunday, September 16, 2007

TOM Stage 5

Yesterdays stage 5 from Jeff City to St Charles included a visit to Hermann for a 3.5 mile loop to include a sprint point and a KOM. I was able to gey 26 volunteers to line the streets, all went very smooth with everyone doing a great job!

When they hit Hermann there was about 10 guys on a break away, then a few min later the main pack, with Discovery leading the way, came in.

The route through Hermann was set up so they passed Market St. twice, this is were my spot was to watch and keep traffic off the route.

After they passed Dawndi and I leaped over to Augusta to see them again at the KOM point. We were so close that if I leaned one more inch toward the road we would have been hit my one of them.

I have lots of video to share but will have to wait a few days. Going to St Louis today to watch the final stage and my computer is acting up, so some repairs are in order.

Go here for a cool shot of them coming over the new bridge into Hermann.

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