Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tour of MO News

Exciting news for Hermann during Saturdays (9/15) Stage 5 from Jefferson City to St. Charles. The race will be coming into Hermann for a 3.5 mile loop through town. They will come across the new bridge over to Stone Hill Winery then back to to 1st street heading out of town on 100 to Washington. Looks like they will be coming through about 12:45 to 1pm

I've been working with the local Tourism Department along with others for the past several weeks helping to make this weekend and exciting one. We have organized several events leading up the race including a 2 mile KOM TT Friday night (all up hill), free concert Friday Night, 7 Hills of Hermann ride Saturday AM and a kids race Saturday AM before the racers come in.

I'll have details and flyer's for these events soon.

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  1. Jeff - Good for you and your community. I hope your folks can realize just how special this event is.